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Dino Nugget Catnip Cat Toys

Dino Nugget Catnip Cat Toys

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Nugget Pack
Get ready to satisfy your cat's insatiable appetite for fun with our Dino Nuggets Catnip Cat Toys because we know that cats and humans share a mutual love for nuggets of all kinds! These delectable dino-shaped toys are crafted from irresistibly soft minky fabric, ensuring a cuddle-worthy experience for your fur baby. Hand-stuffed with the fluffiest polyfibre and infused with organic North American catnip, these toys are bound to drive your feline friend wild with delight.

Ranging from a nifty 4.5" to an impressive 6" across, these dino nuggets provide the perfect opportunity for your cat to unleash their inner predator. They'll pounce, bat, and chase these charming creatures, all while indulging in their shared passion for nuggets—be they chicken, dino-shaped, or otherwise!

So, join forces with your four-legged buddy and indulge their dino-mite desires with our Dino Nuggie Catnip Cat Toys. It's a nugget-filled adventure that will have your feline companion roaring with satisfaction. Choose from individual dinos, two different dino packs of 4, or the whole Jurassic crew of 7 dino nuggies.
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