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Pangender Pride Flag Patch & Pinback Button

Pangender Pride Flag Patch & Pinback Button

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Celebrate your pangender pride with this captivating patch and button set! The 2" x 3" embroidered iron-on patch features vibrant colours and flawless stitching, beautifully representing the diverse and inclusive nature of the LGBTQIA+ community. It's the ideal accessory to make a bold and meaningful statement on your favourite jacket, backpack, or any fabric surface. Let it serve as a proud symbol of your identity and a conversation starter wherever you venture!

Included in this set is a charming 1.5" pinback button. With its compact size and captivating design, it's perfect for personalizing your outfits and accessories. Pin it on your lapel, tote bag, or hat to proudly display your pangender pride in a playful and stylish manner. It acts as a daily reminder to embrace your authentic self, radiate love and acceptance, and stand confidently as part of the diverse and inclusive LGBTQIA+ community. Let this accessory become a beacon of unity and celebration, spreading positivity and fostering connections wherever you go.

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